Web Content Strategy: 10 Advantages to Using an Editorial Schedule

Published: 19th November 2016
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As you cultivate a web content strategy, it is very important to start seeing yourself as a publisher. Publishers have every detail planned out ahead of time based on the yearly cycle along with their product cycle. They know beforehand exactly what style of content they must create and compose for any given month and why. If you think more like a publisher, you are going to be a lot more successful in your web content strategy implementation.

1) Opportunity to Come Up With a Theme

By forming an editorial calendar, you can establish a general theme for the year or the quarter based upon the products and/or services that you are advertising, as well as the time of year. Preparing everything in advance makes it easier to be prepared and develop the concepts, content, and images that you want to use to promote.

2) Makes It Easier to Find Your Voice

By planning your marketing and advertising year ahead of time, it means you will also be planning your product creation. If you offer services, you will already know in advance which services you will be emphasizing. This will make it a lot easier to know what kind of content to produce and in what tone you need it to be, because you'll understand in advance when you need it, and what it's for. When you have a web content strategy plan, finding your voice comes a lot easier.

3) Makes It Easier to Diversify Content

If you know ahead of time what the theme of your content will need to be, it'll be easier to construct different forms of content for your needs. You can plan in advance to create articles, vlogs, videos, reports, and more, based off a specific subject or theme designed to market a particular product or service. By not doing it "on the fly," your content will be more cohesive and diversified.

4) Keeps the Content Ideas Flowing

By developing an editorial calendar, you actually create a situation where you can make it easier to keep content ideas flowing. Some people assume planning makes content dull, but the truth is, planning makes content beneficial, well-suited and gratifying for your target market. It gives you time to craft pertinent titles and outlines, to assure that you get the message out that you want out.

5) Makes It Possible For You to Craft Top Quality Content

By planning your content ahead of time, you have more time to make the content true top-notch content that fulfills your audience. Whether you will be preparing it and editing yourself, or hiring others to do it for you, it is vital to plan ahead of time what form of content will be needed in order to produce the best content that you can.

6) Keeps Your Site on Topic

It is easy to get off topic sometimes if you have never planned your web content strategy in advance. By documenting what content you'll be generating before you create it, you'll have time to cut ideas that go off topic, or move them to the right time and place. If you try to produce content at the last moment, you may end up with irrelevant content that has no purpose.

7) Acts as a Map to Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Your editorial calendar is exactly like a GPS system or a map. You can review it in one glance and see where you will be in the future, and you can look more deeply into it and reveal what you're supposed to be doing immediately. You will not go into each day without a notion of where you have been or where you're going.

8) Helps Boost Partnerships

Having an editorial calendar that you make visible to the public can also help increase collaboration. If you allow for guest writers and bloggers, they can examine your publication calendar and it will be easier for them to figure out what to write, and allow them to plan their own web content strategy within your guidelines. Plus, it will help your outsourcers and people who work with you understand the direction you are taking your business.

9) Attracts More Web Visitors

Having a set calendar as part of your web content strategy will make your content appear more regularly, thus increasing the rate of visitors to your website. Your target audience will learn to expect certain content from you at certain times and will appreciate knowing when, what and where to go to see it and view it.

10) Imposes Expectations and Deadlines

Despite the fact that you are just setting deadlines for yourself, it is essential to do so. If you have no expectations of yourself or others it will be hard to build a truly profitable business. For instance, if you are developing a furniture business, but you can never tell anyone when the furniture will be completed, you wouldn't ever have the ability to sell anything. Set expectations and target dates for yourself and anyone you outsource to; this will help you reach your goals.

Lastly, by making use of a publication calendar as a component your web content strategy, you'll ultimately have a more organized and planned business that will make more money over time. Content that is disseminated and marketed based on your editorial and/or publication calendar will see a lot more success than content that is haphazardly distributed without any notion of a goal or a plan.


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