Visual Marketing Strategy: How To Use and Create Visual How To's To Market Your Business

Published: 17th November 2014
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People like to learn new things. Suppose there was a way that you could incorporate that idea into your business? Now you can - with Pinterest. Pinterest allows us to utilize and capitalize on an old visual marketing strategy, in a new school sort of way.

The Information Superhighway

That is another name for the internet obviously. If you know the right terms to use to look for it, you can find out just about anything that you want to know. The internet connects the people who have the knowledge to those who do not to form a symbiotic relationship.

As an entrepreneur, you are representing yourself as a specialist in your niche. That's why you are in business to begin with. When others notice your level of experience, they will be more likely to recommend you to others, as well as buy from your business. When you incorporate most of your visual marketing marketing strategy correctly, you position yourself and your brand to grow by bounds and leaps.

Visual Marketing Strategy # 1: Using Visuals on Pinterest to Grow Your Business

They say that "seeing is believing." In online business, seeing is a big component of believing that your products can help others - specifically on the part of your customers. To that end, using visuals on Pinterest can help you.

You might be thinking that Pinterest is all about the visual. In fact, these are very specific visuals. We are referring to "how to" visuals. Here are some suggestions:.

1) Training Videos.

These "how to" videos show people ways that they can benefit from products like the ones you offer. If you are selling cooking utensils, create a video that showcases how certain ones can help in the kitchen. If you are in the garment industry, build a "how to" about what colors work best together for the holidays or when preparing for a business interview. There are a host of ideas that may be very useful to promote your business products.

2) Product Demos.

This could be made into video form too, but you can also do a slide show presentation board that offers to help people learn the ways to use your products. Another type of video would be an animated slide show.

3) Multimedia Mingle.

Put together pinboards that feature a mix of videos, slide shows and categorized product images, all for a common theme. This gives readers several items to see on your board that can pique their interest.

Visual Marketing Strategy # 2: How Might the Visuals Look?

1) They Have to Be Multicolored.

When pictures "pop" they are easy to see. Use a selection of colors.

2) Make Your Own Graphics.

You can develop your own graphs and visuals and then take a photo of them. Use clear writing and colorful images that are easy to see. This will set you apart from those who utilize stock photos or other images of a general nature.

3) Be Educational - Provide Value.

People want something beautiful to look at, but they are mostly seeking information. Make certain that your visuals offer lots of that. Do not forget to make great use of the descriptions either, and include your keywords.

Visuals offer an additional kind of media to help promote your business, and if you adhere to the visual marketing strategy outlined here in this short and sweet report, you will be well on your way to capitalizing on everything visual marketing has to offer.


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