Sales Copy Emotional Triggers: 5 Tactics For Crafting Striking Sales Copy

Published: 13th March 2012
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Ad copy has one purpose. It is applied to impel the prospective customer to become involved and take action. That action could be to buy something, though it may also be to motivate an inquiry, to provoke a click-through or to acquire a reader to a newsletter. Whatever the main objective is, taking advantage of sales copy emotional triggers to stimulate action is a wonderful way to boost your conversion percentage.

We invest in products for emotional reasons, plain and simple. We rationalize our purchase based on logic but the initial purchase is typically triggered by feelings and emotions. We love to feel better, look more attractive, be more well known, and a whole host of needs and aspirations. Itr is your job when you're drafting your ad copy to tap into these urges and passions with emotional writing.

What follows are 5 tips to ensure your sales copy emotional triggers induce activity by your potential customers.

1) Instill Emotional Into the Question

What is your prospect's trouble? Your product or service is the one program that you have to show solves your prospects greatest issue. Prepare a list of problems your prospect is having and identify exactly how you can inject sales copy emotional triggers into them.

Listed here are a couple examples in the small business niche:

- "Frustrated that your online business isn't bringing in as much profit as you want it to?"

- "Overwhelmed by modern technology and searching for a manageable solution to make more sales ?"

Frustrated and overwhelmed are sales copy emotional triggers that any ambitious internet marketer or business person can relate to.

2) Include Emotion Into the Obtainable Solution

Place emotion in the possibility you present.

What follows are 2 more examples of this in the business niche:

- "How would you feel if your small business were meeting or eclipsing your income goals?"

- "Picture how uncomplicated your life would be if all you needed to use was one simple tool to boost sales by 10 %."

Each of these statements insert emotion into the possibility of a solution to your prospects problem. You would like your prospect to be asking the questions you prepared, that will be answered by obtaining your product or service.

3) Add Emotional Words In the Body of Your Sales Copy

Listed below are words that trigger various diverse emotions in prospects, depending on the situations. These sales copy emotional triggers are incredibly powerful when put to use along with steps 1 and 2 mentioned earlier. They have to amplify what you have already laid out and math up with the story you are stating to your prospect.

* Regretful * Stressed * Unachievable * Triumphant * Fresh * Captivating * Beloved * Entertaining * Secrets * Trailblazing * Important * Inspiring * Privileged

4) Rational and Emotional Expressions

Grasp the difference between objective terms and sales copy emotional triggers.

There is in actual fact a really beneficial tool easily available online that will help you make profitable changes to your sales copy. Just do a search for "Paul Galloway Emotional words" via Google. You 'll find a tool that will allow you to plug in your sales page and it will show you where you can change out objective words with more emotional terms. Do not just take the tool at face value though. As with everything in online business, test and track the adjustments to see if your conversion rate increases.

5) Use Sales Copy Emotional Triggers In Subject Lines, Promises, and Calls To Action

Ensure your heading or promise and your call to action are also tapping into emotions. Urgency, big promises and other heading and call to action methods should always be made up of the power of emotional words.

For example:

If you announce, "Buy right away before the last copy is gone," you are tapping into the fear of loss emotion. Individuals will suppose they're not going to have access to a copy of your product or service if they wait and will very likely click through to purchase now, which is what you would like.

Don't forget when you're adding in your sales copy emotional triggers that consumers regularly purchase for emotional reasons. What emotions is your reader or prospect experiencing? What emotions do they wish to feel? How can you utilize emotion to make them buy?

Think of the emotions you have when you purchase something then put yourself in your customer's shoes. First-class sales copy speaks to these emotions and makes things happen.


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