Adam Bauthues


Web Content Strategy: 10 Advantages to Using an Editorial Schedule

19th November 2016
As you cultivate a web content strategy, it is very important to start seeing yourself as a publisher. Publishers have every detail planned out ahead of time based on the yearly cycle along with their product cycle. They know beforehand exactly what style... Read >

Benefits of Social Media: 7 Social Media Advantages That Reach Beyond Marketing

03rd April 2015
Almost all business owners recognize the benefits of social media to market their business. They form Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and dutifully fill in their Bing business listing - all in the hope of expanding their marketing efforts. Even so, did... Read >

Visual Marketing Strategy: How To Use and Create Visual How To's To Market Your Business

17th November 2014
People like to learn new things. Suppose there was a way that you could incorporate that idea into your business? Now you can - with Pinterest. Pinterest allows us to utilize and capitalize on an old visual marketing strategy, in a new school sort of way.... Read >

Low Cost Marketing Ideas: How You Can Captivate Your Blog Visitors With A Slide Show

05th June 2013
Visitors are always looking out for something fresh on your web site. Truth be told, you are likely also considering new ways to captivate them and keep them coming back. How about a slide show? Keep reading to learn how you can offer this low cost market... Read >

Digital Marketing Training: 5 Identifiable Strengths of Digital Marketing Strategies

04th June 2013
Is your company in need of an advertising and marketing boost? The new wave is in digital marketing and digital marketing training. Utilizing techniques in this area for business promotions has a lot of advantages for today's entrepreneurs. Every busin... Read >

Sales Copy Emotional Triggers: 5 Tactics For Crafting Striking Sales Copy

13th March 2012
Ad copy has one purpose. It is applied to impel the prospective customer to become involved and take action. That action could be to buy something, though it may also be to motivate an inquiry, to provoke a click-through or to acquire a reader to a newsle... Read >